Antique Rugs

Antique rugs offer a captivating journey through time, showcasing the enduring beauty of craftsmanship from generations past. Each rug in our collection is a testament to the artistry of bygone eras, featuring intricate patterns and vibrant hues that whisper stories of history and heritage. Embrace the timeless charm of these exquisite treasures and enrich your living space with a touch of elegance that transcends the ages.


Antique rugs are made of high quality materials such as wool or silk, usually hand-woven and dyed with natural dyes. These carpets are decorated with traditional Turkish motifs and patterns and each one is carefully woven by hand. Therefore, each antique carpet is unique and has a historical value.

The usage areas of antique carpets are quite wide. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and even offices. They are usually placed in the center of the room, attracting attention and adding an elegant touch to the overall decoration of the room.

Antique carpets not only carry an aesthetic value, but also a practical purpose. By creating a layer on the floor, they can improve sound insulation and make the room quieter and more comfortable. Also, large carpets can prevent marble floors from slippery and make your home safer.

There are some important factors to consider when buying antique carpets. First, the material and quality of the rug is important. Choosing a carpet made of high-quality materials and carefully woven can ensure a long-lasting use. Also, the size of the rug is important. Choosing a rug that is the right size for your room can ensure the overall balance of your room. Finally, the maintenance of the rug should also be considered. Since antique rugs are generally more delicate, proper care can ensure a long-lasting use.

Turkish antique carpets have an important place in home decoration due to their historical value and aesthetic appearance. If you want to see one of these unique and valuable pieces in your home, you can choose one of the Turkish antique rugs. These rugs can add a touch of history to your home while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Why are antique rugs so valuable?

Antique carpets are of high quality as they are usually hand-woven and made from natural materials. They can also appreciate in value over time and, because of their rarity, are in demand among collectors. The important thing here is how you keep your rug in good condition.


How should antique carpets be protected?

Antique carpets can be damaged over time if they are not properly protected. For this reason, they should be vacuumed regularly, protected from direct sunlight and professional carpet cleaning services should be hired when necessary.


How are the prices of antique rugs determined?

The price of antique carpets is usually determined depending on their rarity, age, craftsmanship details and general condition. Rare and well-preserved carpets are usually sold at higher prices.


How to clean antique carpets?

Care should be taken when cleaning antique carpets. Professional carpet cleaning services are usually the safest option, but if cleaning is done at home, it should be done with a gentle cleaning product and with care.


Which rooms can antique carpets be used?

Antique carpets are usually designed for use in large, quiet spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. They can also be used in different areas depending on the decoration of the room and the size of the carpet. One of the most useful features of these carpets is that you can use them comfortably in any area you want without limitations.


How to evaluate or buy antique rugs?

When buying an antique carpet, it is important to consider the age, origin, pattern, color and general condition of the carpet. It is also important to buy from a trusted dealer and get detailed information about the history of the rug.


How can I recognize antique rugs?

Antique rugs can often have faded colors and show some signs of wear and tear depending on their age. Also, because they are hand-woven, the backing may not be smooth and there may be some small weaving defects.


Which rooms do antique rugs look best?

Antique carpets usually look better in large, open spaces. Therefore, they are recommended for use in large spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms or wide hallways.


How to evaluate antique rugs?

Several factors are important when evaluating antique carpets. Among them, the age, origin, pattern, material used and general condition of the carpet, as well as the degree of rarity, play an important role.


How to preserve the colors of antique rugs?

To preserve the color of antique carpets, it is important to protect them from direct sunlight. Also, with regular care and cleaning, they can preserve the vibrancy of their colors for longer.


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