Our one-of-a-kind, handmade, vintage rugs include colors crafted and designs produced from natural materials. Every rug has its own traces from time, giving your house individuality and classic elegance. Experience the charm of history entwined with each thread.

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You can add value to your home with hand-woven rugs.  You will not know how much time you spend in your room with the soft texture under your feet. A work of art and an investment that makes you feel happy every time you look at it. Our rugs bear the traces of time. Unfortunately, hand woven rugs are no longer made. We buy our vintage rugs from the homes of elders who weave them loop by loop. Then we bring their pile to an equal level. (We can say shaving) We make special washes for their own types, ages, models and colors. In this way, they become suitable for today's fashion and style and decorate our homes.


Rug Materials

Rugs and kilims are made of materials according to their regions. In the region where animal husbandry is high, carpets are made of wool. In the region where cotton cultivation is more common, we see that rugs are made of a mixture of cotton and wool. In fact, the way of life is of great importance in the materials of the carpets. In fact, the use of goat hair in the kilim of people who are shepherds is the most obvious example of this. Because animals (snakes, scorpions ...) that would harm humans were prevented from coming to a product made of goat hair.

The importance of the material in the quality of carpets is very important. When choosing a carpet, it is very important that the material is not acrylic, polyester and nylon. Such materials contain carcinogens and have great harm to human health. However, these materials are generally used in machine made carpets.  Hand-woven carpets, on the other hand, use natural yarns and are antibacterial. We see that wool, goat hair and cotton are used in hand-woven rugs. You can read many scientific articles that handmade rugs are beneficial to human health.

Should we prefer cotton or wool? This is completely your choice. Both are very high quality. You can choose what you want for your purpose of use. While carpets made entirely of wool are preferred in softer areas, cotton and wool mixture carpets are preferred for intensive use areas.

Regardless of the material they are made of, hand-woven rugs are durable and long-lasting.


Rug Ages

All of our rugs are hand woven. Unfortunately, carpets are not woven as much as they used to be. The idea of fast and cheap cost brought by the age of mechanization has damaged the time-consuming and precious hand-woven rugs. However, those who know and understand this value are trying to continue this art, albeit under difficult conditions. Therefore, you may think that carpets are a bit expensive, but this is actually a long-term investment.  We call carpets woven between 20-100 years vintage carpets. Rugs woven before 100+ are called antique rugs.


Rug Techniques

Each country has its own unique weaving styles. But it should not be forgotten that geographies close to each other have been influenced by each other and used similar weaving techniques.   But since there are usually Turkish rugs on our website, we will examine Turkish weaving techniques.

Weaving techniques are divided into two according to types;

1 ) Rug Weaving Techniques

2) Kilim Weaving Techniques


Rug Weaving Techniques

*In the Turkish knot (double knot), the loop is tied and cut by wrapping around both warp wires and removing them from between the warp wires. Thus, the knot wraps both warp wires.

*In the side knot technique, it is a thread wrapped around one warp and loosely wrapped around the other warp. While one of the loose ends is pulled between the two warps, the other end comes out of the two warps that are joined. This technique is the technique used in Iranian rugs. It is known as the Iranian knot.

*In the kilim weaving technique, in certain areas where there are motifs, the colored weft yarn is passed under and over the warps and goes to the border of another motif and returns from there. Thus, weft threads of the same color pass back and forth between the warp threads in their own pattern area, forming motifs. This is also called flat weaving. (Flatweave)


Rug Placement

There is no hard and fast rule for placing rugs. There is a design that varies completely from person to person. You can place the carpets as you wish according to your imagination. But if you want to have an idea, you can get tactics from the pictures we share by examining our instgram account.

Our recommendation is usually to design the room by leaving 1-2 feet on the walls of your home. In this way, you can make the room look more balanced and spacious. For example, sometimes you can choose more than one rug to layer or divide larger areas. Instead of the same model rug, you can choose rugs that are inconsistent in model but similar in color.

Your home is a living and breathing space where you spend more time with your family. That is why it is very important to choose the right carpet. For more detailed information, you can take a look at my Rug Size Guide page. You can review beautiful ideas for you there.


Rug Sizes

Choosing where you will use your carpets is very important here. The size of the room you will use, your intended use and furniture are of great importance here. After choosing the right size by measuring and drawing, it is now very easy to find the rug you want. We divide the rugs into 5 categories in terms of size on our website.

Small - UP to 2' X 4'

Medium - 2' X 4' to 6' X 9'

Large - 6' X 9' to 8' X 11'

Extra Large - 8' X 11' and UP

Runner - Varied Sized


You can also filter according to the desired width and height ratios with the detailed filtering on our collection pages.

Good carpets should not cost a fortune. At Kirmen, we produce and select reasonably priced, high quality, affordable rugs, eliminating unnecessary price increases. We bring you these beautiful and rare products from the Cappadocia region. We are the ones who buy local rugs personally from the manufacturer. In this way, there are no other intermediaries or sellers involved. We also buy products at affordable prices and deliver them directly to your door. The absence of brokers reduces our costs.