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One-of-a-kind vintage rug, handknotted in Turkey

◦ Size: 3'8'' x 7' feet / 111x214 cm / SKU #TR4110

◦ Material: % 50 Cotton, %50 Wool

◦ Colors: Beige and Brown

◦ Made in Turkey

Rug has been professionally cleaned; age-related wear and natural inconsistencies are inherent in these unique, handcrafted vintage rugs. 


3'8'' x 7' feet / 44'' x 84'' inches / 111 x 214 cm

  • The maintenance of rugs varies depending on whether they are used indoors or outdoors. For indoor use, ensure that rugs are kept away from excessive moisture. If sugary or acidic drinks are spilled on the rug, clean it with soap and cold water. When vacuuming, make sure your vacuum cleaner is set to a low power setting. To keep your rug cleaner, flip it over and use the reverse side once a month. Upon receiving your rug, you may notice a slight odor due to it being made of 100% wool. This scent is non-toxic and will diminish with use. Additionally, your rug may have wrinkles from being packaged, which will disappear within 1-2 weeks of use. For outdoor use, due to higher foot traffic, we recommend professional cleaning every six months.


Rugs, with their designs, materials, and colors determined by skilled weavers, are crafted using the hand-knotting technique on a vertical loom. Each rug has its unique knotting technique. Completing a single rug can take months or even years. The rugs are professionally cleaned; age-related wear and natural inconsistencies are inherent to these unique handmade Turkish rugs. Passed down from generation to generation, these rugs are now just a click away.

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